Remembering Our Friends


Years of Service: 10

Donor: Jackie Johnson

Mack never once sick or lame or complaining (unless Karen was late to feed him). He was stoic, kind, knew how to conserve his energy, and loved to eat, BUT most of all he LOVED HIS RIDERS. He always seemed to know what each rider needed and was always eager to do his job.



Years of Service: 16

Donor: N/A

Born on Flag Day (June 14) in 1991, Eko was Karen’s personal horse she bred, raised, trained, competed in horse trials, AND shared with The Shane Center. A 16.2 hand Trakehner, Eko was the “go-to” horse for newly independent riders. He really knew how to take care of the riders in his charge. Eko was the horse that led Karen to finding Parelli Natural Horsemanship when looking for a way to help him when he became a little “burned out” from his day job back in 2000.  He was a therapeutic lesson horse for many years before retiring in 2013 due to age related lameness. He passed away peacefully in April 2020 at the age of 29



Years of Service: 12

Donor: Lynette Hackman

Valentine was a sweet, athletic, registered Half-Arabian mare who was a perfect horse for both traditional riders as well as therapeutic riders. She was adored by her riders who enjoyed her sensitive nature and willingness to please. Valentine, whose registered name was HH Nardraff’s Lady and was born in 1988, came to the center in 2000. She had a foal in 2003, whom we named “Waiting for Rain”. Retired from riding in 2012 due to age related soundness issues, Valentine lived her retirement years  here at The Shane Center, often teaching our StableMates and campers how to lead or groom. At 32 years of age, she left us to run free in heaven’s pastures.