Knut 640x480
is a 21 year old Norwegian Fjord gelding who joined our program in December of 2012. Several generous donors made it possible for the program to purchase these brothers. Knut  is sensitive, friendly, fun-loving and very gentle. His birthday is April 19, 1988.

eat horse show-78 424x640Lightning Bolt is a 28 year old POA (Pony of Americas) gelding who has been with our program for the past 14 years. He is worth his weight in gold! Although cute as a button and gentle enough for our tiniest riders he holds his own with the big horses. We like to think of his as our "little big man"


horse shadowShadow is a 17 yr. old solid colored paint mare owned by Gabriella Sanchez (Karen & Joel's daughter). She is used in the lesson program on a limited basis. Shadow is a very athletic, friendly, sweet but extremely sensitive girl. Her birthday is on April 22!

horse valentineValentine is a 31 year old ½ Arabian ½ Quarter Horse mare. She is the mother of Rain and has been part of the program for 12 years. She is quite sweet and sensitive, as well as beautiful, and is a program favorite. Her birthday is May 14, 1988. She is retired due to age related health issues.

horse ekoEko is a 29 year old Trakehner gelding whose birthday is on Flag Day June 14. He is owned by Karen Sanchez but has been used in the riding program for 11 years. He is a big, sensitive, although somewhat bossy, kind of guy. Eko is retired from the riding program due to age related soundness issues.