Our Horses

Jethro 360x640Jethro
is a 12 year old miniture donkey who joined us a program mascot in late 2014. He loves, loves, loves children! Despite his small stature, he holds his own with the big horses. We will be teaching him natural horsemahship so he can attend events and functions.

eat horse show-48 424x640Mack is an 16 year old Haflinger gelding who was donated by Ms. Jackie Johnson to the program in 2010. He has quickly become a program favorite! Mack's favorite pastime is eating, as you can probably tell   from his round stature! He is short but sturdy and is also trained to drive/pull a cart. He is the type of horse anybody can ride and get along with. He loves his job here and of course all the attention and treats!

eat horse show-51 647x800 518x640Stevie is a 21 year old Fjord gelding who was born in Canada. He was purchased in 2010 thanks to a foundation grant. Stevie is also trained to drive. He is almost as wide as he is tall and weighs about 1300 lbs. His calm, very gentle nature makes him a favorite here at Willow Farm. Stevie was born on April 24, 1997.

is a 20 year old Norwegian Fjord gelding who joined our program in December of 2012. Toby and Knut are half brothers. Several generous donors made it possible for the program to purchase these beautiful horses. Toby is sensitive, friendly, fun-loving and very gentle. HIs birthday is April 17, 1988. Since it is hard to tell him apart from Knut, we have shaved a heart onto his hindquarters.